Mission Statement

The Mission of the Circuit

In short The South West Tyneside Circuit is seeking to enable our churches to proclaim and affirm God’s love, for us and for all people; through our worship, discipleship and care, and through our mission in service and evangelism.

Circuit Mission Statement:

‘ Methodist Churches worshipping, witnessing together for Christ in South West Tyneside.’

Our Circuit Policy reads:

  • We exist to embody the love of God in Christ through the Holy Spirit
    • We will endeavour to do this by enabling individuals and communities in their worship.
  • We are committed to accountable and responsible discipleship
    • We will endeavour to do this by encouraging growth in Christian life and faith.
  • We aim to enable and enliven people in acts of loving  service and discipleship
    • We will endeavour to do this by equipping people to serve.
  • We aim to see lives changed through the Love of Christ
    • We will endeavour to do this by developing areas of opportunity and mission.
  • In order to encourage cooperation between churches and facilitate good stewardship, we seek to encourage Circuit-wide cooperation as an extension of commitment to each other in God without jeopardising any particular successful area of local work.