The Gambia Appeal

Collage of pictures showing roof damage

At the Circuit service held on Sunday 1st August we looked at the parable Jesus told about the rich man who had an abundant harvest. (Luke 12) Afterwards we were told about an appeal to support friends in West Africa who have been affected by freak storms.

“A couple of weeks ago, a freak wind storm in The Gambia (West Africa) caused a lot of damage. In some cases, the wind blew the entire roof off houses.  Several of my friends have been affected by this. It is the rainy season there and they need to repair the roofs urgently. These people do not have the money to repair their houses. At the moment, they are sleeping in other people's houses or in the local mosque or church.”

Ian Soulsby

Please give generously, if you can, on the following GoFundMe link.