Circuit Methodist Orb GraphicAbout us

The South West Tyneside Circuit is made up of 11 churches and a fresh expression of church.   Each church has its own place of worship, fellowship and opportunities for mission.  Together we have over 770 members and serve many more people besides.

The Circuit is led by a Circuit Leadership Team made up of ministers appointed by the Methodist Conference and a group of volunteer circuit stewards who are appointed by the Circuit meeting.  On behalf of the Circuit the stewards look after the running of the Circuit.

The South West Tyneside Circuit is part of the Newcastle District of the Methodist Church in Britain

What does the Circuit do?

The primary function of the Circuit is to enable the churches to fulfil their calling, worshipping and witnessing together for Christ in this area.

By working together the Circuit is able to provide support between the churches and a sharing of resources.  For instance in running training for local preachers or making grants for property work.  In order to support and lead the ministry and worship of the churches the Circuit provides for 5 Presbyters and a Deacon.


The Local Area

Geographically we are fairly coterminous with the borough of Gateshead West spanning from the centre of Gateshead through the suburbs of Dunston and Whickham and reaching out to villages along the south bank of the River Tyne and Derwent Valley.   Historically the area developed with the growth in coal mining and the sense of community is still strong in the region.  Today the local area is characterised by beautiful scenery, including Chopwell Woods, Gibside National Trust and the Derwent Walk with its Red Kite Trail.   It is also home to the Metro Centre and only a short commute to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.